Terms of Sale


Buyer affirms that they purchased the firearm indicated in the order as new. Buyer understands new firearms carry a manufacturer’s warranty and that firearm defects that may developed will be corrected through that warranty and directly with the manufacturer.

All sales are final and cannot be returned.

As an out of area customer, Buyer would like this firearm to be shipped to the licensed dealer indicated above. A copy of the dealer’s FFL has been mailed or faxed to Maine Guns for receipt in advance of shipment. Buyer acknowledges it is their sole obligation to meet the local and federal legal requirements for transfer from this dealer to Buyer. An inability to meet the legal requirements for purchase does not infer a right to return the merchandise to Maine Guns, this situation would be resolved between the Buyer and the transfer agent.

LIABILITY: All merchandise is sold with the express condition, and with the express understanding, that the seller is in no way liable in connection with re-sale or safe handling, and shall not be responsible for physical injury or property damage resulting from use or misuse of such merchandise. Buyer consents to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal courts of Maine in all disputes arising out of this agreement.